Academic requirements

Basic requirements to enrol Bachelor programme

Basic requirement to enter Bachelor and integrated study programes is the completion of a four-year secondary education and passing the entrance exam. Specific admission pre-requisites usually entail the specific knowledge in certain disciplines and should be checked for the particular program a student is interested in. Entrance exams are usually held in early July and early September (for the institutions which still have open places for students). The ranking of candidates depends on both the entrance exam and the success from the previous level of education.

Basic requirements to enrol Master programme

For Master programmes lasting one year with 60 ECTS a candidate has to have obtained Bachelor diploma with 240 ECTS points.

For Master programmes lasting two years with 120 ECTS a candidate has to have obtained Bachelor diploma with 180 ECTS points.

Admission requirements vary from programme to programme (usually regarding the area of previous education) and should be checked on the web pages with information on specific programs.

Basic requirements to enrol Doctoral studies

Basic requirement to enrol doctoral studies is that the candidate has successfully completed a Master programme and obtained at least 300 ECTS. Also, additional requirements, such as a minimum grade point average, published papers, etc. are determined by the institution and are presented at the pages of the specific doctoral study programes.