2024 BGI International Summer Workshop & ICG 19 Youth Symposium “Bio Revolution for a Sustainable Future”

2024 BGI International Summer Workshop

& ICG (International Conference on Genomics) - 19 Youth Symposium

“Bio Revolution for a Sustainable Future”

29th July - 2nd August 2024

Shenzhen - BGI Center

Set to take place from July 29th to August 2nd at the Shenzhen BGI Center, the 2024 BGI International Summer Workshop & ICG-19 Youth Symposium, organized by BGI College, is dedicated to the theme of "Bio Revolution for a Sustainable Future." This convergence offers a multi-faceted platform for young global minds in life sciences and intersecting disciplines to network with industry leaders, delve into cutting-edge technologies, and gain direct exposure to advanced scientific research.

More information: https://genomics.zhiye.com/custom/BGI2024SummerCamp

Financial Supports

1. BGI College International Diversity Fellowships of 5,000 CNY each are available for selected candidates who are considered underrepresented within the symposium community.

2. Travel Awards of up to 7,800 CNY (1,000 EUR) each available for selected oral or poster presenters of the ICG-19 Youth Symposium (amounts depend on the distance between your institution and China).

ICG-19 Youth Symposium Awards

ICG-19 Youth Symposium Presentation awards for selected oral talks and selected posters of ICG-19 Youth.

BGI Serbia-China Scholarship

On November 13, 2023, BGI College, in collaboration with the Mammoth Foundation, launched the BGI Serbia-China Scholarship to support students, scholars, and researchers from Serbia to engage in educational and academic activities at BGI in China. The Scholarship offers support and incentives for the exchange of knowledge and expertise and enables talent from Serbia to gain an international perspective in the life sciences field.

Details and Apply Method refer to https://en.genomics.cn/en-news-6838.html


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