Student disciplinary responsibility

Law and acts regulating the disciplinary responsibility of the student

Law on Higher Education ("Official Gazette of RS" No. 88/2017)

Excerpt from the Law:

Student disciplinary responsibility

Article 108

The student is responsible for the violation of the obligation which at the time of execution was determined by the general act of the independent higher education institution.

For a serious violation of the obligation of the student, a measure of exclusion from studies at a higher education institution may also be imposed.

Disciplinary proceedings may not be initiated after the expiration of three months from the day of finding out about the violation of the obligation and the perpetrator, and no later than one year from the day when the violation was committed.

The general act of an independent higher education institution determines minor and serious violations of student obligations, disciplinary bodies and disciplinary procedure for determining student responsibility.

The Rulebook on disciplinary responsibility of students of the University of Belgrade

You can fill in the disciplinary application form  within the application for employees (option Exams within the menu - Disciplinary application).

Disciplinary bodies

  • Disciplinary commission of the School as a first instance body
  • Disciplinary Commission of the University as a second instance body

The Disciplinary Commission of the School has three members, each of whom has a deputy. The President, one member and their deputies are elected by the Teaching-Scientific Council of the School with a mandate of three years, and one member and his deputy are elected by the Student Parliament with a mandate of one year.

Types of disciplinary measures

  • reprimand;
  • the severe reprimand;
  • ban on taking some pre-examination obligations in one or more terms;
  • ban on taking some exams in one or more exam deadlines;
  • ban on taking all exams in one or more exam deadlines,
  • temporary removal from the School of Electrical Engineering - University of Belgrade;
  • exclusion from the studies of the School of Electrical Engineering - University of Belgrade.