Undergraduate studies

Undergraduate studies are the most important teaching process held at the School of Electrical Engineering. You can see the course of studying and obtaining a degree in electrical engineering in that part of the site.

Master studies

See the plan of the graduate academic (master's) studies.

PhD studies

See the plan of the doctoral academic studies .

Teaching calendar

Take a look at the calendar to determine when classes are taking place, when the examination periods are and when the holidays are.

Deadlines for examination registration

See when the examination registration deadlines are set.


The price list of studying.

Bank account

The School bank account and corresponding reference numbers.


The documents intended for students, and related to undergraduate studies.

Sports clubs

Students’ sports clubs .

Student organizations

Registered and active student organizations .

Student services

Web-based student services allow students of the School of Electrical Engineering to register for examinations, colloquia and laboratory exercises, review grades, class schedules and examination dates, and complete other study-related tasks that once required students to wait in line in front of the Student Department counter.


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