Computer Center

The Computer Center of the School of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1968 as the first computer center in this part of the world. It had the first web server in former Yugoslavia which also had the first website. The first computer internet network in Yugoslavia was established in 1992 between the Computer Center of the School of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. The establishment of this link was a major revolution in this geographic region at the time. For a while this link was the backbone of domestic internet. The Computer Center takes pride in numerous projects, participation in and contribution to the development of information technology in Serbia.

The Computer Center is open for students 24/7, practically non-stop with the exception of major holidays. It has 60 computers with fast internet connection and all programs required for work and study at the School of Electrical Engineering. Vital services, such as exam registration, personal content, email, or web presentation are safe, backed up and active 99,999% time of the year with continuous technical support. 

Terms of Use 

The Terms of Use of the Computer Center were introduced in 2007 by the dean and students are advised to study them carefully.

Services for Students

  • Student services
  • Computer Center Domain
  • Mirror Open Source Software
  • ASP.NE*-T Hosting
  • PHP-MySQL Hosting

The web application that enables students to access the information system of the school is called DOSITEJ, which has been established over 10 years ago. It covers all processes that run at the school and consists of two subsystems. FIMES is the information subsystem which covers the financial processes, while EVIDES is the subsystem that covers teaching, tracks attendance, and work related to students and lecturers. They are being constantly developed and enhanced and currently the school uses the new generation of these subsystems with cutting-edge software tools.

Students also have their file and domain with 100MB of space. No additional settings are required because these are used through the computers of the Computer Center. Upon enrollment all students automatically get their account and access to 60 computers with all necessary software installed. 

Mirror servers of 2TB have a large selection of Open Source software which can be downloaded.

Since recently students also have access to ASP.NET hosting, mainly for learning ASP.NET program tools, and for making their first independent steps in web programming and creating web content. Accounts are open at student requests, following the guidelines on use and nature of content. 

Upon special request and with special permission it is also possible to use PHP-MySQL hosting for public web content. Accounts are open at student requests, following the guidelines on use and nature of content. 

Education Groups

From time to time, the Computer Center forms volunteer groups which work on projects with the aim of developing professional knowledge and skills related to new technologies, possibility to participate in the development of new projects, and obtaining employment.


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