Personnel Management Department

The personnel management department works in the area of personnel service, that is:

  1. Issuing of all types of Written Orders (on employment, personal income, leave, retirement, etc.)
  2. Issuing of Decisions Orders (on additional work, the state of rest of a status, termination of employment, etc.)
  3. Affairs related to the implementation of the Contract for a supply of service
  4. Archiving activities
  5. Courier activities
  6. Photocopying activities
  7. Mimeographed and scripting activities




(011) 3226-992

Head of the personnel management department

Milena Dimić

Personnel Officer

Boris Velinović

General Affairs Officer

Branka Vilotić

Administration officer for human resources and general affairs

Jelena Vlajković

E-Business and Human Resources Manager

Dragi Dujković, MA

Manager for international and national projects

Marija Šola Spasić


Svetlana Preković

Archives Officer

Slavica Stojkovic

Technical associate in the copy shop

Steva Trajković

  • (011) 3218-427

Zoran Ćendić

Public Procurement Associate

Aleksandra Kulundžić