In 1894, the Library of the Department of Electrical Engineering was founded at the Great School, which later grew into the Library of the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade . This year, a professor of physics with electrical engineering, Mr. Stevan Markovic, started his lectures. On that occasion, the rector of the Great School, on behalf of the professors' council, sent a telegram to Mr. Tesla, in which he informed him about the ceremonial opening of the Department of Electrical Engineering at our Great School, which is the third department in Europe, and the beginning of lectures from it. On that dispatch is the rector, Mr. Vulović received from Mr. Pupa's answer in Serbian is full of enthusiastic joy and sincere congratulations. "
(DELO magazine, December 1894)

The library specializes in all areas of electrical engineering, electronics, power engineering, telecommunications, computing and related sciences and deals with procurement, processing, borrowing, publishing, as well as training for the use of professional and scientific sources.

The Library Fund is formed in accordance with the profile of the School and the interest of users (professors, doctoral students, postgraduates, graduates, associates and students), depending whether they are engaged in scientific research, project development, doctoral, master's and graduate theses. Additionally, the Library includes monographic publications (editions of foreign books intended for professors, postgraduates, graduates, and textbooks intended for students), domestic and foreign serial publications, doctoral dissertations and master theses.

The library was equipped with hardware in 1995. The entire fund of books in the library, as well as the one acquired after 1995, i.e. all journals, master theses and doctoral dissertations have been registered in the database. They form an electronic catalog that is kept in parallel with the Library's leaf catalog.

By engaging and uninterrupted connections of former students with their home School, donations of the latest publications arrive in the Library from all parts of the world, contributing to establishing the reputation and place that the School has always enjoyed. The program of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection contributes to increase the fund of journals and databases.

The library includes two rooms, 85th and 83rd, which encompass a working space, a warehouse space and a professors’ reading room. Due to the small number of places, the reading room is intended for professors, doctoral students, postgraduates, graduates and exclusively colleagues who use books and other publications from the Library's collection, previously leaving a student’s booklet, which is at the same time their membership card.

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Senior Librarian

Danica Ampevski

Graduated librarian

Ivan Ocokoljic