The accounting office takes care of the following financial aspects of the work of the school:

  1. calculates and pays staff salaries and issues confirmations and reports on individual income
  2. issues receipts of the school's services, charges fees, and transfers the money for school expenses
  3. issues periodic and yearly reports required by the school, university, ministry, or for statistical purposes.


(011) 3370-146

Financial accountant

Jasmina Uzelac

Accounting office

Violeta Damnjanovic

Salary liquidator

Marina Licitar

Operation evidence accounting officer

Nada Mihailovic

Financial liquidator

Tatjana Stojanovic

Administration officer for financial transactions

Jelena Vukojević


School account number:

  • 840-1438666-48


  • SOP.PRI.School of Electrical Engineering

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