Teaching-Scientific Council

The Teaching-Scientific Council is the highest professional body of the School.

  • The School Council consists of teachers and assistants who are employed with at least 70% of the working time at the School.
  • The dean and vice-deans are members of the council by function.
  • The Dean is the President of the Council by function.
  • 20% of student representatives elected by the student parliament, including representatives of teaching associates, participate in the work of the Council when discussing or deciding on issues related to quality assurance of teaching, reform of study programs, analysis of study efficiency and determining the number of ECTS credits.
  • The number of student representatives is determined by April 15 of the current year.
  • The mandate of the student representative referred to in paragraph 6 of this Article shall begin on October 1 and shall last for one year.
  • The total number of members of the Council does not include teachers and assistants whose rights and obligations are suspended and the election period in accordance with the law and this Statute

Jurisdiction of the Council

The Council:

  • decides on issues of teaching, scientific and professional activities of the School;
  • proposes study programs, including study programs for obtaining a joint degree;
  • gives a proposal of narrower scientific fields;
  • regulates in more detail the rules of studies conducted at the School;
  • approves doctoral topics;
  • adopts a general act on the criteria and conditions for the transfer of ECTS points;
  • adopts a general act on the conditions, manner and procedure of realization of lifelong learning programs, as well as other professional development programs;
  • proposes the recognition of a foreign higher education document;
  • determines more detailed conditions and the manner of realization of the distance study program that is performed at the School;
  • adopts norms and standards of work;
  • adopts standards for self-evaluation and evaluation of the quality of the School;
  • determines, together with the dean, a unified policy aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of teaching and improvement of scientific research work;
  • submits a request for verification of fulfillment of the obligations of the School regarding the quality of study programs, teaching and working conditions;
  • prescribes the manner and procedure of self-evaluation;
  • regulates the conditions and manner of enrollment of candidates in approved or accredited study programs organized by the School;
  • proposes the number of students enrolling in study programs;
  • determines the criteria for the amount of tuition fees;
  • elects representatives to the University bodies on the proposal of the department;
  • elects members of the School Council from among the teaching staff;
  • monitors the international cooperation of the School and makes appropriate decisions;
  • appoints the members and directs and monitors the work of the Council's commissions;
  • determines the proposal of the School Statute;
  • determines the proposal of the candidate for dean;
  • initiates the procedure for dismissal of the dean;
  • proposes the home of the School;
  • adopts the rules of procedure for its work;
  • adopts general acts of the School in accordance with the law, other regulations and the Statute;
  • performs other tasks in accordance with the law, this Statute and general acts of the School.

Calendar of sessions of the council

Sessions of the Electoral and Teaching-Scientific Council will be held once a month on Tuesdays (extraordinary sessions will be held, which will be scheduled later) according to the following schedule:

November 2022 The session is being held on Tuesday, November 8th
December 2022 The session is being held on Tuesday, December 6th
January 2023 The session is being held on Tuesday, January 17th
February 2023 The session is being held on Tuesday, February 21nd
March 2023 The session is being held on Tuesday, March 14th
April 2023 The session is being held on Tuesday, April 11th
May 2023 The session will be held on Tuesday, May 16th
June 2023 The session is being held on Tuesday, June 13th
July 2023 The session is being held on Tuesday, July 4th
September 2023 The session is being held on Tuesday, September 12th

You can read more about the Teaching-Scientific Council in the Statute of the School.