The Department of Power Converters and Drives

The Department of Energy Converters and Drives educates electrical engineers who during their studies acquire general knowledge in electrical engineering as well as practical knowledge and skills in the field of energy, but also in other disciplines nurtured at the ETF. A wider range of system knowledge is needed by future electrical engineers in order to be able to solve practical engineering problems and open new business opportunities. Practical knowledge and skills from other fields enable electrical engineers to correctly specify the design of various necessary assemblies during design, programming various processes or data exchange, as well as to use technological progress achieved in certain disciplines during work.

The Department of Power Converters and Drive Systems Website

Test lab for low-voltage electical and lightning protection installations

Test lab for work environment conditions

Chief of the department: professor PhD Dragan Mihić

Deputy: professor PhD Mladen Terzić

Secretary: asst. MA Žarko Koprivica, electrical and computer engineer


full professor

associate professor

assistant professor

teaching assistant

teaching associate

research trainee