The School of Electrical Engineering is made up of ten departments, which cover pedagogical and scientific work in one or more than one closely related scientific fields. Departments are involved in all study programmes and levels, research and other school activities. Departments have their labs for practical lessons and research. Here is the list of departments:

  1. The Department of Electronics
  2. The Department of Power Systems
  3. The Department of Power Converters and Drive Systems 
  4. The Department of Microelectronics and Technical Physics
  5. The Department of General Electrical Engineering
  6. The Department of General Education
  7. The Department of Applied Mathematics
  8. The Department of Computer Technology and Information Theory 
  9. The Department of Signals and Systems
  10. The Department of Telecommunications 

Members of the department are teachers, associates, and researchers with full-time and part-time contracts at the school who teach and do research in the same or closely connected areas of science. A teacher, associate, or researcher can be a member of only one department at a time.

Departments' main roles are the following:

  • design course syllabi, organize lessons and course material
  • porpose election and employment for teaching staff and associates
  • make a workplan for its staff in each semester
  • proposes contracts for a guest lecturer, professor emeritus, or a techer from another institution 
  • give opinion of study programs of the school
  • make sure that lessons run as scheduled and that textbooks and literature are provided
  • name expert reviewers of textbooks and other publications of the school and accepts reviews
  • report on completion of lessons and exams to the Council
  • evaluate research projects carried out by school staff and members of the department
  • grant leaves longer than 30 days to its members 
  • review textbooks and other school publications