SUNBEAM exchange network

SUNBEAM programme offers full scholarships –tuition fees, travel and insurance costs are covered and a monthly subsistence allowance is offered – for students’ exchange on all levels, as well as for university staff in academic/administrative positions.


SUNBEAM is a scholarship programme for students on undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral level, as well as for university staff in academic or administrative positions, financed by the European Commission. The SUNBEAM Scholarship Programme is open to selected nationals in EU countries and Western Balkans who want to study or work at one of the partner institutions of this programme. Students and staff eligible for the mobility have to be from one of the following institutions:
•    Universita Politecnica delle Marche – coordinator (Italy), 
•    Alma Mater Studiorum – Universita di Bologna (Italy), 
•    Universita Ca' Forscari Venezia (Italy), 
•    Universita degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo (Italy), 
•    Sveučilište u Splitu (Croatia), 
•    Sveučilište u Zadru (Croatia), 
•    Univerza na Primorskem (Slovenia) and 
•    Univerza v Ljubljani (Slovenia).
The partner universities from Serbia where the mobility is realized are:
•    University of Arts and 
•    University of Novi Sad

Application procedure

The application for the SUNBEAM scholarship is only possible through the SUNBEAM online application system.
The open call period is normally set between November and March – the exact dates vary depending on the academic year. Mobility is supposed to start in the beginning of next academic year.

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