GEOECONOMIC AND REGIONAL STUDIES (GEOEKONOMSKE I REGIONALNE STUDIJE) is an one-year Master programme (60ECTS) of academic studies offered by the Faculty of International Economics in Belgrade.

About the programme

The study program is designed interdisciplinary and integrates various aspects (economic, anthropological, linguistic, historical, political, etc.) of past and contemporary studies of social phenomena of Latin America Region. During the studies the students acquire the knowledge in several science fields ranging from humanities, organizational and economic sciences, political sciences, history, culture, literature and arts, etc. Trough compulsory and elective courses the students gain competencies to independently solve complex multidisciplinary problems and challenges related to the Latin American Region and the modern globalised world. The broader strategic and long-term objective of the study program is to contribute to the establishment of closer cooperation between the European and the Latin American Region (bi-regional strategic partnership and integration processes) in the areas of intercultural dialogue and cooperation, integration of international trade and economy, strengthening of international and diplomatic relations and to help shape policies for future sustainable development in these areas.
General competencies:

  • Knowledge and critical understanding of the role and importance of Latin America and its historical, cultural, economic and social roles.
  • Ability to solve problems in the field of Latin-American studies using scientific methods and procedures.
  • Understanding of the general structure and content of social science, humanities and economic sciences and their interdisciplinary connections.
  • Ability for ethical and social responsible actions in designing, planning and evaluating of strategic potential developments in the organizations.
  • Ability for effective and efficient planning, organizing, managing and monitoring of the organization or specific areas (process or subsystem).
  • Ability for individual and collective research work, critical and self-critical use of acquired skills and ethical decision-making assessment.

Course-specific competencies :

  • Ability to work in the field of international research.
  • Knowledge of research methods and use of the interdisciplinary approach.
  • Ability of multilingual and intercultural communication and working in an international environment.
  • Ability to work in the field of international trade and business cooperation.
  • Capacity for critical reflection on the current structure of the international community with a focus on Latin America.
  • Understand the historical construction and operation of international political processes.
  • Ability of professional and personal outgrowing of national, ethnic and racial intolerance and a capacity for a critical judgement towards the phenomena of xenophobia.
  • Understanding of international political processes through conceptual frameworks of different social sciences (cultural studies, anthropology, international relations, political science, international political economy with emphasis on Latin America).
  • Knowledge of the historical, political, cultural, linguistic and social image of Latin America.
  • Ability for comparative analysis of Latin-American Studies, which will contribute to the integration of Latin American socio-cultural space.
  • Ability to use scientific apparatus for research, reflection, analysis and critique of historical, political, cultural and social phenomena in Latin America, including a comparison between them.
  • Knowledge of and insight into the functioning of market models, the ability of a comparison with European and Slovenian, and exploring, designing, developing and deploying those based on the principles of sustainable development and ethical trade.
Education levelMaster
Subject area(s)
LanguagesEnglish and Serbian
Additional opportunities for foreign studentsConsultations in English for foreign exchange students
Durationup to 1 year
LocationBelgrade District
Programme start October
Application deadlineSeptember

Last accreditation in 2015 by Comission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance
Previous accreditation cycle(s):2009

ECTS points60

Contact for foreign students

Aleksandar Đorđević

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