MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL ENGINEERING (MERENјE I REGULACIJA) is a four-year Bachelor programme (240ECTS) of academic studies offered by the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

About the programme

After completing the study programme, students will be competent for the development, engineering, design and application of modern complex systems and their parts in the field of electrical engineering, especially in measurement and control systems that include wide area from measurement of electrical and nonelectrical quantities, data processing, automation and control to control of power drives.
Electrical and computer engineers who have completed Computing and Control Engineering study programme have the competence to solve real life problems in practice as well as to continue education if they decide to do so.
Their competences include, primarily, critical thinking, the ability to analyze a problem, synthesize a solution, predict the behaviour of the chosen solution with the clear idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen solution.
Students who successfully complete the study programme in the field of measurement and control engineering will be able to: -understand and apply fundamental knowledge in electrical engineering. -apply knowledge in mathematics, physics and engineering disciplines. -design systems, components and processes based on the provided specifications.

Education levelBachelor
Subject area(s)
LanguagesEnglish and Serbian
Duration4 years
LocationSouth Bačka District
CityNovi Sad
Programme start October
Application deadlineJune

Last accreditation in 2013 by Comission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Costs90000RSD / 2000EUR***
ECTS points240

Contact for foreign students

International Relations Office

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